Lifeskills are fundamental, pragmatic social skills that create an environment of accountability, empowerment, empathy and safety by the use of the language that is frequently used and modeled in the classroom. They assist the children in understanding that conflicts can be resolved through problem solving rather than hitting, name calling, becoming frustrated and discouraged.

Purpose of lifeskills:

  • To promote a sense of personal belonging and create a strong sense of community.
  • To support positive opportunities for social interactions.
  • To engage and recognize respectful and empathic feelings and behavior.
  • To practice positive interactions and problem solving.
  • To begin to enhance personal responsibility for his/ her actions and abilities.
  • To acquire skills that foster conflict resolution skills and social negotiation.

How is it incorporated into the curriculum?
To further promote the understanding of the seven lifeskills, we include daily group discussions (i.e. what if scenarios, how would you feel, what could you do to solve the problem), social development literature and curriculum activities that require the children to practice and demonstrate these abilities during collaborative play.

Each classroom has developed and uniquely designed an in class Lifeskill Center.

This is a tangible behavior incentive for the children to see their own progress.

We recognize the children’s progress and effort by providing them with an opportunity to contribute to the classroom Lifeskill Center. This tangible component reinforces positive problem solving skills, the frequently used language and offers a visual, where they can track their collective efforts.

We invite you and your child for a school visit led by myself or our Director. This will allow you and your family to observe the program and your child in our environment. Schedule A Tour