Happy Hall offers skill-based lessons featuring science, creative arts and movement for children. Activities emphasize academic enrichment, character development and hands-on learning of valuable life skills, including cooperation, flexibility and mutual respect, all while having fun.

Our goal is to provide programs that are top quality, innovative and fun for children. We hope your family will join Club Happy Hall for this school year.

Here is an example of how a typical club day looks.



Club Happy Hall provides a one-hour homework period Monday-Thursday in a designated space within the classroom. Club teachers maintain communication with children’s school teachers regarding their academic needs.

Our goal is to keep children focused and productive.

In addition to homework support, Club Happy Hall provides materials needed for homework such as pencils, rulers, scissors, glue, and dictionaries.

We invite you and your child for a visit of the club location nearest you. This will allow you and your family to observe the club and your child in our environment. Find A Club